Monday, June 27, 2011

Digiorno Pizza and Breadsticks Review

This weekend I had a chance to try the Digiorno Pizza and Breadsticks combo from the frozen food section. The variety I chose was pepperoni pizza and cheesy breadsticks. It retails for around $7. First off, it's very easy to cook. 400 degree oven for about 15 mins for the breadsticks and about 18 mins for the pizza. They suggest cooking both together and timing them properly, which I did. They both smelled good when they came out of the oven piping hot. Unfortunately, the breadsticks had nothing going for them besides the aroma. When you take them out of the box, they're melded together like a big piece of bread, with marks across them to show you where you're supposed to cut them/pull them apart. Trust me, do not attempt to pull them apart. All you'll do is wind up with bite-sized pieces of breadstick. You will not be able to easily pull apart a full "breadstick." Digiorno calls these "cheesy breadsticks." I prefer to call them "cardboard sticks." These things had absolutely no flavor to them. No cheese flavor, no garlic flavor, nothing. BLECH! Pizza Hut has nothing to worry about here.

Now, on to the pizza portion of the program. This was your normal frozen pizza, although it's not the normal "rising crust" pizza you get from Digiorno. It's a standard frozen pizza. But this was very good for frozen pizza. The crust wasn't tough, wasn't hard to chew. There wasn't much sauce, but I like my pizza that way. The pepperoni pieces were nice and big and tasted like standard pizza pepperoni, which can be good once in a while. Uncle Ernie liked his slice that he had too, which is a good thing.

All in all, for $7, I don't suggest this pairing. I suggest you stick with the basic Digiorno pizza and save a couple bucks. You're better off buying a tube of Pillsbury breadsticks from the refrigerator case of your supermarket along with a Digiorno pizza if you're hell-bent on having both pizza and breadsticks.

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