Sunday, February 27, 2011

One night dream sequence, part three my brother takes us "next door" to a bridge with large rocks below...something really fun is happening down below that we can't see, but he knows what's going on...he says "come on!" and jumps over the bridge's barricade and down into a pile of huge boulders...he hits the boulders and all that I see is his torso, and his face screaming out in pain...I start crying and hoping someone next to him will one helps...I jump down off the bridge...I go over to him...there is blood one near him will help... he is very close to the edge of a cliff...I tell him to grab onto my hand so I can help him up...he moans and looks up to me a bloody face and grabs my hand...I start to pull him up...we're making progress...I keep pulling him closer...he's bleeding everywhere....just as I finally pull him up.......
....the dream ends
what the hell does this mean?????

One night dream sequence, part two my second oldest brother comes into the picture and says he's gonna buy everyone a "bucket of fries"...after he does that, we get a big stage production from a few of the old heroes of wrestling...they do some highwire act stuff....Ric Flair, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Ricky Steamboat, and Hulk Hogan...Savage lands headfirst into the drywall above the bed, and shakes his head...I say, "You OK, Randy?" and he says "Yeah"...Steamboat does the same thing....then Flair and Hogan have this huge way-high tightrope thing where I thought both would land and die...all of a sudden my brother (the one that went to get the buckets of fries) comes back and tells us there's something going on next to us, so we go out to check it out...

One night dream sequence, part 1

So the other night I had a dream sequence that was so absurd, odd, disturbing, and whatever adjective you wanna give it, that it has stayed with me for 3 days. I had this dream sequence Thursday night, Feb. 24, and I am now blogging about it...I am doing it in several parts because it that's the way it came to me....and I am also doing this because it's not often that dreams happen and stay with you like goes part one...

I am in someone's house, and they tell me that there are certain things hidden between the something makes me hit a spot in the door that I just closed behind soon as I close the door, a weird guy pushes his hand thru the wood of the door and releases a small door withing the main door...within that small door are small metal bars, like jail bars...he tries to get his hands toward me and says that there are things within the walls of the room that I am in that have special meaning, especially those that are within the studs of the all of a sudden I am now in a room with a huge bed in the middle with about 4-5 kids ages 5-16 (guessing from memory)...the walls now look like a used Plinko board from The Price Is Right...lots of spots between studs where things have been been punched thru, with notes hanging on them that look like coloring book pictures that have been filled in by kids...the kids are trying to get their hands on the pictures and put their hands thru them and into the crevasses between the studs....I immediately tell them not to because their may be electric lines within there that may cause them to be electrocuted...they do what I say...the kids continue to have of the kids jumps on the bed and lands on the floor below in such a way that I thought he was dead because he landed on his head...but he bounced right back up, as though his head was on a after a while, the kids and I are on the bed, laughing, eating candy, etc...until we find out from someone that comes in that says we have to stop to eat something...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Best pepperoni rolls/chocolate chip cookies

The best chocolate cookies and pepperoni rolls you can ever get are at Delallo's in Jeannette, PA...I don't know what else to say...awesomely moist cookies, pepperoni rolls with tons of pepperoni.....just amazingly good stuff

Don't buy Magnavox/Funai stuff

Last year, my brother bought a DVR from Magnavox thru, because it was about the only DVR you could get without a service contract. It had worked pretty well, up until this past weekend. See, it's not only a DVR, but also a DVD player. So we got rid of my DVD player. And everything worked pretty well. Until this weekend. Saturday night, I couldn't play any DVD's on the unit. I tried about 10-12 different DVD's, both burned and factory DVD's. I called Funai/Magnavox about this and they said there was something wrong with my unit. But I had to wait because of "President's Day." So I call back yesterday and talked to Amanda, employee # 408222, and she says to unplug the unit for 30 minutes and it should work after that. So, after arguing with Amanda (who seemed to be about 19 years old) as to why no one before suggested this solution, I hung up and did so. And did so. And did so. Yes, Amanda was adamant that this should work, but she was also fucking pissing me off. I'd sold electronics for 14 years. I know this shit. She doesn't need to be a bitch about it And yes, she was with her tone and arguing with me, the consumer, that pays her salary. So now today comes around and I call back to tell them that what the holy Amanda said to do didn't work. I got to talk to Jessica, who wouldn't give me her employee number, no matter what I said. I asked her why she wouldn't give me her number like Amanda did, but she wouldn't budge. Look, I'm not trying intentionally to be an asshole. I just want answers. So Jessica won't help me, pretty much. So I sent a nice long voicemail to Amanda and Jessica's boss, who they said was being trained or something to that extent. LOL Customer service representatives that don't know their ass from a hole in the ground are now being forwarded to a guy that is just now being trained. I'm waiting for my call back from the "trainee". I was a trainee once, so to speak, so we'll see what he can do for me.

Review: Best Pizza In Greensburg, PA

I have to say, without a doubt, the best pizza in Greensburg, PA is Pizza Siena. They always have decent specials and coupons in the local circulars. Just yesterday, I got an extra-large pizza with meatballs and extra cheese and, once again, it was fantastic. The cheese is plentiful and the meatballs taste amazing. I wish I knew where they got them from. Crust is always fresh and never over-baked. And, this pizza tastes just as good the next day, and most of us pizza-lovers like that. They have a location in Latrobe, PA, also, so don't think twice about ordering from them. Great pizza.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review: Good New Orleans-style meal

On occasion, I like a good, hearty, flavorful meal that has rice as its staple. My favorite that comes to mind is Zatarain's Dirty Rice. This stuff is so good and so tasty. If you've never had this before, an 8-oz. box probably makes enough for about 4 people. But if you're like me and my family, one box is for 2 people, so make more. And leftovers are just as good, trust me. Prepare this as the package states with ground beef and you may never buy Hamburger Helper again, it's that good. It has some spice to it, so you might want to keep that in mind, but it's not "HOT" Add hot sauce, like I do, if you like things a bit more spicy. I've had Zatarain's Jambalaya before also, but the dirty rice, to me, is the best they have to offer

Review: Best Hamburger Helper flavor

I know that a lot of you out there are looking for a good, wholesome, filling meal for your family. Yes, here I am to say, Hamburger Helper from Betty Crocker. It is very inexpensive, easy to make, and very hearty. And I say this especially about my favorite variety, Cheesy Hash Browns. Not only is this variety now gluten-free, but it is also delicious. Stick-to-your-ribs beef and taters plus a very rich and tasty cheese sauce make this an awesome meal for your family. Please try it today!

Review: Easy brownies

If you like brownies, but don't like the mixing, etc that goes along with it, then please try Duncan Hines frozen brownies. They are incredibly easy to make (preheat, bake) that anyone can make them. And they turn out just as good as any mix you could make. Moist, delicious, chocolatey, MMM...My family and I love Duncan Hines products, and so should you...always good stuff

Review: More meatballs

Ok, so I like meatballs...shoot me. Anyways, I tried, again, Del Grosso Meatballs and I have to say they weren't that bad. Yes, they tasted very good and had an authentic flavor, but I have one major problem. They were very very tough. And, no, I don't mean tough because I cooked them the wrong way. They had so much connective tissue-type meat in them that you would think you were eating half rubber bands. Yes, good flavor, but bad texture. WOW

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Global Warming??? Come on now!!!

Here's is what I have to say about this whole Global Warming thing (and that's the last time I will use capital letters for that):

1. No, I am not a scientist, nor do I play one on TV, but I think I am smart enough to see what has been happening lately. Huge snowstorms the last 2 winter seasons. I mean, HUGE. Record storms. HUGE snow storms do not equal global warming.

2. Yes, some of you "smarter" people might say that what is happening now does not mean that global warming is not real. Really?

3. The whole "global warming clusterf@ck" wants us to believe that this is going to hinder our kids, grandkids, great-grand kids, great-great kids, and (fuggit), great, great, great, great, great-grand-kids/mothers/fathers/etc.). Anything happens to our people by then will by WAYYYY beyond any of our people we acknowledge today as our family. Isn't our society now about "today" and not "tomorrow?" And both sides of the political aisle will agree to that.

In conclusion, screw the whole thought of global warming. It'll be way too long from if it ever happens, and I don't believe it will...after all, we've had Ice Ages before, right????

Pittsburgh's mayor/county exec Super Bowl trip

Do you really want the big-wigs of Pittsburgh or Allegheny County going  to the Super Bowl? Wouldn't you rather have them around in case something here major happens? I know Luke and Danny are huge homers for the locals teams, but that doesn't mean they can scat away from their jobs. Shouldn't they stay here and watch it on TV like the rest of the "blue-collar town" of Pittsburgh and the area? Yes, they say that, according to Jon Delano of KDKA, it's being paid by "campaign and personal contributions." That should make you want to find out who has given contributions to both and say "screw that." They try to portray themselves as being "like us" but yet they take every chance they get to go to games and act like they're doing it "for the region." Give me a freaking break. Two homers, doing what strokes their own egos, nothing more. If you think otherwise, then you're as big of an idiot as the rest of the area that has voted for them. WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!