Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't buy Magnavox/Funai stuff

Last year, my brother bought a DVR from Magnavox thru, because it was about the only DVR you could get without a service contract. It had worked pretty well, up until this past weekend. See, it's not only a DVR, but also a DVD player. So we got rid of my DVD player. And everything worked pretty well. Until this weekend. Saturday night, I couldn't play any DVD's on the unit. I tried about 10-12 different DVD's, both burned and factory DVD's. I called Funai/Magnavox about this and they said there was something wrong with my unit. But I had to wait because of "President's Day." So I call back yesterday and talked to Amanda, employee # 408222, and she says to unplug the unit for 30 minutes and it should work after that. So, after arguing with Amanda (who seemed to be about 19 years old) as to why no one before suggested this solution, I hung up and did so. And did so. And did so. Yes, Amanda was adamant that this should work, but she was also fucking pissing me off. I'd sold electronics for 14 years. I know this shit. She doesn't need to be a bitch about it And yes, she was with her tone and arguing with me, the consumer, that pays her salary. So now today comes around and I call back to tell them that what the holy Amanda said to do didn't work. I got to talk to Jessica, who wouldn't give me her employee number, no matter what I said. I asked her why she wouldn't give me her number like Amanda did, but she wouldn't budge. Look, I'm not trying intentionally to be an asshole. I just want answers. So Jessica won't help me, pretty much. So I sent a nice long voicemail to Amanda and Jessica's boss, who they said was being trained or something to that extent. LOL Customer service representatives that don't know their ass from a hole in the ground are now being forwarded to a guy that is just now being trained. I'm waiting for my call back from the "trainee". I was a trainee once, so to speak, so we'll see what he can do for me.

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