Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pittsburgh's mayor/county exec Super Bowl trip

Do you really want the big-wigs of Pittsburgh or Allegheny County going  to the Super Bowl? Wouldn't you rather have them around in case something here major happens? I know Luke and Danny are huge homers for the locals teams, but that doesn't mean they can scat away from their jobs. Shouldn't they stay here and watch it on TV like the rest of the "blue-collar town" of Pittsburgh and the area? Yes, they say that, according to Jon Delano of KDKA, it's being paid by "campaign and personal contributions." That should make you want to find out who has given contributions to both and say "screw that." They try to portray themselves as being "like us" but yet they take every chance they get to go to games and act like they're doing it "for the region." Give me a freaking break. Two homers, doing what strokes their own egos, nothing more. If you think otherwise, then you're as big of an idiot as the rest of the area that has voted for them. WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!

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