Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review: Good New Orleans-style meal

On occasion, I like a good, hearty, flavorful meal that has rice as its staple. My favorite that comes to mind is Zatarain's Dirty Rice. This stuff is so good and so tasty. If you've never had this before, an 8-oz. box probably makes enough for about 4 people. But if you're like me and my family, one box is for 2 people, so make more. And leftovers are just as good, trust me. Prepare this as the package states with ground beef and you may never buy Hamburger Helper again, it's that good. It has some spice to it, so you might want to keep that in mind, but it's not "HOT" Add hot sauce, like I do, if you like things a bit more spicy. I've had Zatarain's Jambalaya before also, but the dirty rice, to me, is the best they have to offer

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