Monday, March 14, 2011

Review: Subway Meatball Pepperoni sub

Yesterday, I had the chance to try Subway's new $5 Footlong sub, the Meatball Pepperoni. I am a big fan of their regular meatball sub, so I figured it must be better if they add pepperoni, and for the same price. At first I was skeptical, thinking that maybe they would cut back on the meatballs since they're adding pepperoni. So I asked the female "Sandwich Artist" about that and she ensured to me that the amount of meatballs was the same, they just add pepperoni. So, with that piece of information, I went ahead with my order. I always get my subs/pizza/burgers fairly plain because I want to taste the main ingredients. I don't want a huge salad on my sub and then be wondering where the meat is. So I got my sub toasted with provolone cheese and onions (I like that Subway offers red onions as opposed to regular white/yellow are a little tamer). Upon first taste, I couldn't even tell they put pepperoni on it, even though I could tell from sight that it was there. The pepperoni really added nothing to the taste. It just seemed like a regular footlong meatball sub to me. The bread was fine, the cheese was good, as they both usually are, but the pepperoni just seemed to be a throw-in to gain customer interest. This goes along with my experience of having lasagna that had pepperoni in addition to other meats (beef, sausage) and I could never tell the pepperoni was there. I guess I should have known better before I got this sub, but the pepperoni did not detract from the sub, it just added nothing, as far as taste goes. In closing, maybe you might have a better taste experience than I did, but I don't think you'll find any difference between it and the regular meatball sub. Enjoy.

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