Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Uncle Ernie Says...#1 - SuperClean

Good Morning Campers!
Uncle Ernie here with a review of a product that I've come to love. SuperClean.
What makes it SUPER? Its ability to cut through grease & oil, and the way it breaks up tough stains.
You won't find it with the Windex, or the Tilex, or the Murphy's Oil Soap. That's because it's a MEAN cleaner!!! Go to the automotive section of your favorite mega-store and look for the purple gallon jug.
A warning...if you intend to use SuperClean - full strength or diluted - please wear gloves (playtex gloves or chemical-resistant form-fitting gloves). This stuff is caustic, and will harm your skin if you're not careful. Also...if left too long on painted surfaces, it could damage the paint. Look on the back of the jug for dilution ratios for different uses. I usually keep some in a spray bottle at a 2-parts-water-to-1-part-cleaner ratio for general cleaning purposes.
Cost: between $7 & $8.
And please keep out of the reach of children :)

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