Friday, January 28, 2011

Bad Local News

The local news here is pathetic. Why, oh why, do the local stations need to lead their "news" with a Steelers rally 9 day before the Super Bowl???? WHY??? And then the next thing they talk about is the weather, where we might get an inch or 2 of snow. WHY??? After the weather, they talk about shootings, muggings, murder, etc., but yet think that the Steelers and an inch of overnight snow are more worthy of the top news. Absolutely ridiculous...not "RE-diculous" like most people like to say, but the normal "ridiculous." If you're turning on your tv at 4 PM to watch the news just because you wanna see what John "I do nothing but Steelers or snow stories" Shumway looks like in his Steeler garb while amongst a bunch of drunk Steelers fans, then you have problems. I only that this happens because I live with my father and he watches KDKA at 4 PM, and he can't hear what you're saying when you're 3 feet away, hence the volume. Seriously, can't the local stations cut back on their Steelers fluff and still get the advertising dollars? I also think it's trash that they have to start the news at 4 PM and go to 7 PM. I would think that with today's people having less of an attention span, they would cut the news down to less hours and ask the advertisers for more per ad. But I didn't go to college for advertising, nor have I worked in television. But I think I am smart enough to think this might work if they did things the right way. Maybe I'm wrong. Some people, like me, don't watch commercials. I always have my remote in my hand for when a commercial comes on. And that is especially true of NFL games, but that's another blog post. And, for those of you that think I am crazy about how bad local tv has gotten, check out John Steigerwald's book Just Watch The Game. Yes, that's the same guy that did local tv sports for more than 30 years here in Pittsburgh. You can also check out his blog here.

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