Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: The Chief - the film version

For those of you Steeler fans out there that haven't seen "The Chief," the theatrical story of Art Rooney, Sr., written by Rob Zellers and Gene Collier, I suggest you do so. Especially if you're a born-and-bred Pittsburgher. Tom Atkins does an outstanding job of portraying Mr. Rooney. You may not know the name Tom Atkins, but if you, like me, love the movie "Lethal Weapon," you will remember him as Michael Hunsaker, the father of the chick that killed herself at the beginning of the film. Mr. Atkins does a great job with the voice of Mr. Rooney, and although it's done on a very small stage, the acting is great too. I am saying this as a guy that never lived in the North Side of Pittsburgh or anywhere right around Pittsburgh (I've lived an hour outside of Pittsburgh my whole life), so if I enjoyed it, then if you live anywhere closer to downtown Pittsburgh, you should enjoy it even more. It's more of a Pittsburgh story than it is a Steeler story, but, nonetheless, it's a must-see. Buy it or rent it. Would make a great pre-Super Bowl experience for yinz.

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