Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: George Harrison - Brainwashed

For those of you that like the Beatles but haven't cared much for the Fab Four's individual albums, I suggest you try out George Harrison's album "Brainwashed." This was George's last album, so to speak. He recorded his parts of this album before he died. His son, Dhani, and Jeff Lynne, of E.L.O. (Electric Light Orchestra), finalized this album the way George had intended it. And, boy, did it turn out awesome. You can feel the "end of the road" lyrics in songs like "Any Road," "Looking For My Life," and "Stuck Inside A Cloud" so much that they make you think about your own life and what it might be like when you're right there on the edge of who-knows-where. Lots of great guitar work also.  And don't dismiss the great bar-room style they, and others, add to the old standard "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea." That's something that can brighten your spirits while you're thinking about any other depressing spirits that might be haunting you and your past after listening to the voice and lyrics that Harrison has provided. Proceed with caution if you're depressed and have a drink in hand, but yet feel your glass is half-full.

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