Friday, January 28, 2011


Anyone out there like the song "Layla?" Yeah, I thought/hope so. Did you also know that it's Eric Clapton singing the original version? No, not from Unplugged. He sang the original, too. Well, if you liked that song and never heard the whole album it came from, it'll be re-released in several formats on March 29, 2011. Great stuff, great album. Did you know the main riff from "Layla" was from the fingers of Duane Allman? Yes, of Allman Brothers fame. And, yes, he played on the original "Layla" album. Best track on that album, in my opinion, is "Have You Ever Loved a Woman," which, although slightly different from the original done by Freddie King, is amazing for the guitar solos from Mssgrs. Clapton and Allman. Please check it out. You can thank me later.

2-disc set:

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